Scrabble School Preservation Foundation

Scrabble School Preservation Foundation


Preserving a Rosenwald School in Rappahannock County

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Scrabble School Preservation Foundation

Photo Credits to Kenneth Garrett

Photo Credits to Kenneth Garrett

Scrabble School is one of the first Rosenwald Schools to be restored and is listed on both the Virginia and the National Registers of Historic Landmarks. It is a featured site on Virginia's African-American Historic Sites Network and the “Journey Through Hallowed Ground”. Built in 1921, Scrabble is among the more than 5,000 Rosenwald Schools built across the South in the early 20th century thanks to the leadership and beneficence of Sears Roebuck cofounder Julius Rosenwald and the African-American educator and leader Booker T. Washington. So few "Rosenwald Schools" remain that in 2003, the National Trust for Historic Preservation listed them among America's "most endangered places."

The Scrabble School Preservation Foundation (SSPF) is noted for its historical interpretation activities, including special exhibits, oral history collections, and school curriculum. We host a variety of special programs--including movies, presentations, traveling exhibits, and school tours. Help us preserve one of the first Rosenwald Schools in Rappahannock County.

111 Scrabble Road

Castleton, VA 22716


  • $20 funds lesson plans booklet, including teaching matrices

  • $50 funds a movie night that focuses on African-American culture

  • $250 funds a presenter to speak on a topic relating to African-American history

  • $400 funds a curriculum kit, including lesson plans, materials, and books for a unit on the history of school segregation