Rural Madison, Inc.

Rural Madison, Inc.


Promoting the rural character of Madison County

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Rural Madison, Inc.

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We are dedicated to thoughtful planning and policies for sustainable growth, stewardship of our natural, cultural and historical resources, and the protection of the rural character of our region. We envision a community working together to preserve and protect the natural beauty of our mountains, woodlands, and farmland and to improve the well-being of our people, environment, and economy. Our goals are to: increase production and consumption of healthy local food grown with regenerative agricultural methods; promote a healthy and vibrant community (i.e., civic responsibility and engagement, recycling, race relations, responsible economic development & jobs creation); and, facilitate the exchange of information and resources between like-minded individuals and organizations. We are an active partner in the community, working in alliance with other service-minded organizations. Our current projects include the Poverty Taskforce, featuring the Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS) program, and the Stone Soup workforce development project. Other projects include the annual Madison County Green & Clean Day, the Madison County Broadband Committee and our annual Candidates Night Forum. Help us promote the rural nature of Madison County.

PO Box 1474

Madison, VA 22727