People for Pets Foundation

People for Pets Foundation


Finding loving homes for unwanted cats and kittens

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People for Pets Foundation

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Our mission is to rescue, foster, care for, and adopt out cats and kittens. We do this to prevent them from dying on the streets or being euthanized at local county shelters. The cats and kittens are rescued from a variety of situations including neglect, abandonment, abuse and surrender.

We are a “no kill” rescue. Each and every rescued cat is evaluated individually in a special foster home or at the PFPF Cat Sanctuary – the “Kitty Kottage.” We know that every rescued cat is different in many ways, and we pride ourselves in being able to determine what's best for each cat on a one-on-one basis so that they can be adopted into the best possible forever home.

We maintain a sanctuary, the “Kitty Kottage,” for cats that need special care, are elderly, or are unlikely to be adopted. The “Kottage” also serves as an adoption facility where the public can visit cats they may be interested in adopting. Help us care for and rescue cats and kittens so that they can find forever homes.

19768 Clover Hill Road

Jeffersonton, VA 22724


  • $20 funds canned cat food and cat litter

  • $50 funds 2 vaccinations (rabies & distemper)

  • $100 funds 1 veterinary exam with blood work

  • $1,000 funds emergency medical care and special testing for "at risk" cats