Paws For Seniors

Paws For Seniors


Bringing people and senior pets together

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Paws For Seniors

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Senior pets come to us from a number of sources, including shelters and owners who can no longer keep their beloved pet. Each pet receives a complete medical exam, vaccinations, routine blood work including heartworm and tick-borne disease testing, Fiv/Felv testing for cats, spay / neuter, dental, and any other needed medical treatments.

We believe that pet companionship is key to keeping our aging society young at heart. We match senior dogs & cats with senior citizens, while considering the needs of both. To enhance the social skills of our adoptable pets, we visit senior care facilities. We continue to grow our network of foster homes, including senior citizens who provide a safe and caring environment for pets in need while waiting for their forever homes. This is a win-win situation for seniors who would love a pet but cannot afford the expense. In some cases, our foster home providers may become “permanent” fosters. For pets we rescue who are ending their time on earth, we provide loving and caring hospice care. Help us bring pets and people together.

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