New Baltimore Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc.

New Baltimore Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc.


We act when disaster strikes

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New Baltimore Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc.

It’s 3:00 am, a cold winter’s night. Snow is falling and the area is quietly blanketed in white. You’re nestled in, sound asleep, when suddenly you’re awakened by the sound of the bell and a blinding light. Duty calls. You leave your bed to head out into the cold, but you don’t complain, you don’t ask for thanks. You do your job, you save lives and protect property. You do it for free. You’re a volunteer firefighter/EMT.

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NBVFRC’s mission is to further the common good and ensure the general welfare of the public through response to emergencies which threaten life, safety, and property. We train volunteer members to safely and efficiently perform fire suppression, provide emergency medical services, and enhance community health and welfare through education on fire safety and CPR. We respond to over 1000 “911” calls per year and that number is growing as the county’s population grows. Trained and certified Volunteer Firefighters and EMS personnel donate their time and provide fast, efficient response to medical emergencies, traffic accidents, residential or commercial fires, and other emergencies. We act when disaster strikes. Help us fund fire station operations.

6550 Riley Road

Warrenton, VA 20187