Native Wildlife Rescue, Inc

Native Wildlife Rescue, Inc


Rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife

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Native Wildlife Rescue, Inc

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We are a group of volunteers, dedicated to care for orphaned and injured wildlife, until they can be released back into the wild. The mammals and birds we take in receive the proper care they need so they may have a second chance to be wild and free upon their release. Our hours are long, we receive no pay, but our rewards are many. Our team was established by a group of volunteer rehabilitators to better serve the public and aid wildlife. All of our members have received legal permits from the Federal Government and the Commonwealth of Virginia which allow us to work with wildlife. We have been specifically trained to handle sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife. Each year we care for hundreds of birds, reptiles, and mammals who are in need of our assistance. Many of these animals require extensive care before they may be released back into their natural habitats. Help us rescue and rehabilitate wildlife in our community.

5438 Sperryville Pike

Boston, VA 22713