Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue

Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue

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Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue

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Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue has been serving Rappahannock County since 1939. The company proudly provides both Advanced Life Support EMS services and fire suppression. We are located in the geographic center of the county and offer mutual aid responses to other departments. We are an all-volunteer organization providing fire and emergency medical response twenty-four hours a day every day of the year. Last year, we responded to 537 calls for assistance. We operate two ambulances, both of which are equipped to provide advanced life support for critical patients. We also operate four pieces of fire apparatus; an engine, an engine/tanker, a mini-pumper/brush truck, and a brush truck.

Our primary response area surrounds Washington, Virginia, but we serve the entire county, with more than half of our calls being to residents beyond our primary response area. We are one of seven fire and rescue companies in Rappahannock County. In 2016, Washington responded to over 50% of the emergency calls in the county. Our central geographical location combined with our certification level to provide advanced life support and tanker capabilities for rural water supply, results in us responding to a larger quantity of calls than the other stations within the county. Help us serve our community!

PO Box 238

Washington, VA 22747


  • $10 funds fuel for 1 call

  • $25 funds 1 pair of wild-land firefighting gloves

  • $50 funds one small EMS supply order

  • $100 funds a firefighter entry tool

  • $350 funds 1 firefighter helmet
    $1,000 funds 1 firefighter coat