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Souls In Harmony


Enhancing the quality of lives of others through music

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Souls In Harmony

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We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of those individuals who are encumbered by a special need or barrier. It could be a financial need or a physical or mental need. Through music and mentorship as well as education, we strive to share the language of music that transcends all ages and wellness barriers. Music makes a connection on a soul level. It reaches inside a person and connects where other methods many times don’t. Our hands-on approach with music education and interaction is a welcome renewal of activity for the minds and spirits of our clients. We only ask that you take time to learn a little about what we do and step up to lend a hand. Sadly, our seniors and special needs families are a forgotten commodity and deserve our attention and support.

One of the biggest items we need doesn't cost anything: that is, used iPods, iPads, iPhones, laptops, etc. We use all these devices to hold play lists for our music therapy programs and to equip our volunteers to listen and take notes as what they are responding to and how they are reacting to build a care profile. So often when people buy new devices, the old devices go into a drawer. While used devices may be too slow to be effective for day to day tasks, they are more than sufficient to hold a USB drive of songs or take notes in a word processor. Other people's trash is our treasure.

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