Rappahannock friends and lovers of our watershed

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In addition to educating the public about the importance of Rappahannock's watersheds, RappFLOW is focused on providing our youth with more in-school opportunities to connect directly with the County's environment and to facilitate understanding of our place in the region's ecosystem. We strongly believe that children who grow up with direct contact in nature have advantages that will help them develop in many ways -- intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and physically -- all with the added benefit of learning to value the unique beauty of Rappahannock County. We seek to inspire our youth to be good stewards of natural resources and thereby make sustainable choices as adults.

To expand our education activities, we are envisioning the establishment of the Beverly Hunter Memorial Watershed Education and Nature Center in Rappahannock County. The Center would enable us to engage directly with our public on watershed management and with school children to help make the science curriculum come alive. It would also be accessible by tourists wishing to know more about Rappahannock's watersheds. Help make this vision possible.

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Sperryville, VA 22740