Rappahannock County Garden Club

Rappahannock County Garden Club


Gardening projects that beautify the community

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Rappahannock County Garden Club

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Founded in 1949, local gardeners established the Garden Club with the shared interest of creating opportunities for the youth of Rappahannock and gardening projects that beautify the community.
Experienced gardening member-volunteers work on local community common areas to enhance the aesthetics to be enjoyed by neighbors. In addition to donations that we receive, our annual Holiday Greens Workshop earns money for scholarships for local Rappahannock students. Our beautiful hand-made wreaths and swags, which go on sale annually in October for late November/early December delivery, can be viewed at our web site. We meet monthly at the Washington Fire Hall and always enjoy having guests and new members.

PO Box 92

Washington, VA 22747


  • Ten $89 donations can allow a Rappahannock County youth to attend a 2-week nature camp

  • Twenty-five donations of $100 can send a deserving Rappahannock County student to Community College