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Rapp Nature Camp


Nature lessons are Life's lessons

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Rapp Nature Camp

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Formerly operating under the auspices of the Piedmont Environmental Council and Headwaters Foundation, Rapp Nature Camp is a newly established nonprofit organization, certified as 501c3 in September 2016. We have been called “a Rappahannock County treasure” by parents of campers. At Rapp Nature Camp, we have discovered that "Nature lessons are life lessons." Plants and animals, stars and clouds, rivers and ponds all reveal something to us of our own nature. But this is only true if we take the time to observe living plants and animals in their own habitats. All of our natural history lessons are aimed at motivating children to observe the real things of nature in context. This kind of observation is the only means of allowing children, and all of us, to come closer to the question, "What is life?" Rapp Nature Camp has been made possible by tremendous volunteer support. The camp’s director has provided the facility free of charge since 1995. Neighbors allow use of their properties, and volunteers have built the camp barn, a footbridge over the Hazel River, and the Frog Pond which is the focus of our habitat studies. So Rapp Nature Camp is a true community effort!

30 Penny Lane

Sperryville, VA 22740