Museum of Culpeper History

Museum of Culpeper History


Educating others about Culpeper County's unique history

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Museum of Culpeper History

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Our purpose is to collect, preserve, and exhibit significant objects and memorabilia reflecting the people, places, and events that continue to shape the character of Culpeper and the surrounding area. We serve as a resource for students of all ages to research and explore history, geography, math, and economics and also provide an interactive resource and program-oriented organization boosting tourism and the local economy. A state-of-the-art exhibit plan, creative programming, and an aggressive marketing plan enable us to attract, engage, and educate, thus establishing an unparalleled experience without comparison in a 100-mile radius. Visitors have called us "a mini-Smithsonian" because of our exhibitions, interactives, and programming. Help us educate others about Culpeper County’s unique history.

113 S. Commerce St.

Culpeper, VA 22701