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Living Sky Foundation


Protecting and celebrating every living thing under the sky

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Living Sky Foundation

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Our mission is to embrace the Spirit through creative expression and hands on learning. We educate, motivate, and inspire individuals to achieve optimum well-being and a powerful existence through a conscious reconnect with nature. We are committed to improve the quality of rural existence through social change, peaceful resolution, public outreach, continuous learning, and youth leadership. We focus on self-expression, healing arts, mindfulness, and positive values through creative and cultural enrichment programs, environmental stewardship, and outdoor recreation available to participants regardless of age, gender, or social status. Our programs are designed and created to serve the planet and fuel communities with knowledge and simple tools that help awaken the spirit, restore balance in nature, preserve our natural landscape, and promote responsibility for ideal citizenship. Our projects are readily accessible to engage the community and support local schools, youth groups, young professionals, and the elderly. Help us promote healthier living and better lives by creating a joyous, simpler existence.

608 Aaron Mtn. Rd.

Castleton , VA 22717


  • $10 allows child age 6-12 to participate in a monthly art program

  • $20 delivers our educational material of peaceful resolution to 1 international country

  • $50 supplies educational materials for 6 months of creative and cultural programming

  • $75 funds 1 year of ongoing training for volunteers and youth service

  • $100 funds 1 month of public access to our featured programming and mission

  • $300 allows 1 student /emerging artist can receive mentoring for 1 year

  • $500 allows us to implement one new program