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Inspiring self confidence through songwriting

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Kid Pan Alley

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We live in a creative economy, yet most arts education focusses on the re-creative, not the creative—learning how to sing a song that’s already been written, act in a play that someone else wrote. Imagine you are a child and your class writes a song with a professional songwriter … and that song is recorded by a world-class recording artist. You’d be changed forever – seeing yourself as a creator, not just a consumer of popular culture.

Since 1999, Kid Pan Alley has been inspiring the creativity of children throughout the country. Guided by Kid Pan Alley songwriters, the kids create, perform, and record their own music. It is their music and they are proud of it. We often hear the kids walking down the hall singing their songs. Years later, they still remember every word. In addition to all the things the kids about creative writing, music, performance and the subjects they are writing about, the kids learn about teamwork, embracing diversity, collaboration and discover self-confidence. Visit our website to see how our little songs can change the world.

274 Hunters Road

P.O. Box 38

Washington, VA 22747


  • $25 sponsors 1 child for a 5 day residency program

  • $250 sponsors 10 children for a 5 day residency program

  • $600 sponsors 1 class

  • $1,300 sponsors 1 full day of character development assembly program