Hero's Bridge

Hero's Bridge


Providing practical and essential services to our elderly veterans

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Hero’s Bridge

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Hero's Bridge was founded to provide rapid and direct hands-on assistance to aging veterans in Fauquier, Rappahannock, and Culpeper counties. Although many organizations exist for veterans’ assistance we have unfortunately discovered that most focus on the younger veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Although we are glad this help is there for younger veterans, we have found there is a glaring need in our region among older veterans from WW2, Korea, and especially Vietnam.

We offer six programs: (1) Resource Scouts: dedicated navigators help find and build bridges to community resources and VA benefits; (2) Battle Buddies: individuals that assess, plan, and implement a plan of care to improve outcomes for that veteran; (3) Corps of Engineers: assist with home modifications, clean up, yard work and transportation issues; (4) Rapid Relief Corps: provide emergency payment of electricity, water, heating and food bills; (5) Honor Guard: assistance replacing lost medals, records, recording oral histories and remembrance and pinning ceremonies; (6) Paw Patrol: specially trained pets to provide comfort and friendly visits.

Help us directly impact the quality of life for these older heroes.

5150 Park Lake Drive

Midland, VA 22728


  • $20 funds gas and lunch for a Battle Buddy and his elderly veteran during transportation to a doctor's appointment

  • $50 funds a grocery card for a Battle Budy to purchase fresh food for an elderly veteran

  • $100 funds replacement of lost medals, ribbons, and awards for presentation to an elderly veteran

  • $1,000 funds a younger veteran Battle Buddy's entire training module, allowing him to take care of older veterans