Furnish a Home Again

Furnish a Home Again


Helping furnish homes for those in need

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Furnish a Home Again

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We assist individuals and families that were either once homeless or are in need of assistance with furnishing permanent homes. We take donations of all household items from kitchen gadgets to bathroom rugs, and all furniture items from sofas and chairs to bedding. Our model allows us to avoid landfill disposal of items no longer needed. We successfully diverted approximately100 tons of waste from landfill disposal and assisted 150 individuals by supplementing furnishings for 75 homes. Our middle school recycling program has shared the environmental importance of “Waste Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling” with 240 eighth grade students. We currently seek funding to conduct a "Curb Alert Service" to collect used household items that are placed on the curb for waste collection. If you can assist in the funding process, please notify us. We cannot do this alone; we need your support!

6565 America Way

Bealton, VA 22712