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Foothills Forum


Promoting community engagement, research, and solutions in Rappahannock County

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Foothills Forum

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Foothills Forum is tackling the need for more fact-based, in-depth coverage of the issues we care about in Rappahannock County. We invite every voice to the table. Why? Because a more informed, engaged community makes better choices and decisions for the long term. We’ve surveyed the county, asking people what they think about our future. We will host forums and gather further research, publishing the results via an agreement with Rappahannock Media (The Rappahannock News, Piedmont Virginian magazine and its online sites).

We have worked with the renowned Center for Survey Research at the University of Virginia and Rappahannock Media, owners of our county’s oldest and (not unsurprising) only news outlet. This nonprofit venture acknowledges our disadvantages in geography, size and economy but seeks to improve how local news is researched and reported with community support.

We grew into Foothills Forum following months of discussions with more than 100 Rappahannock residents, elected officials, fire hall heads, artists, journalists, authors, farmers, ranchers, nonprofits, funders, entrepreneurs and educators. We are building a network of partners, conveners and subject experts to share and discuss the issues of primary importance to county residents and we invite you to join us.

311 Gay Street

Washington, VA 22747