Fauquier Family Shelter Services

Fauquier Family Shelter Services


Providing guidance to homeless individuals and breaking the cycle of homelessness

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Fauquier Family Shelter Services

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We were established in 1988 by concerned individuals and social service agencies to alleviate the pain of poverty and homelessness in Fauquier County and surrounding areas. We operate the only emergency shelter and associated transitional housing development in the county. Our Shelter accommodate up to eleven families and eight single adults at any one time. The ground level is 100% accessible to persons with physical disabilities. It has full kitchen/dining/meeting facilities.

A trained staff oversees Shelter operations 24 hours, 7 days per week. An on-site case manager formulates and facilitates clients' plans for stable housing after their Shelter tenure. In-house comprehensive support programs include budget management, various employment-related programs, life-skills classes, nutritional classes, job search services, parenting classes and children's programs. These programs are augmented by other community programs through collaborations established by the Shelter staff with our partners. Help us assist families in the transition from being homeless to acquiring the skills necessary to maintain stable and independent living.

95 Keith Street

Warrenton, VA 20186