disAbility Resource Center

disAbility Resource Center


Assisting people with disabilities to achieve their highest potential

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disAbility Resource Center

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The dRC serves people with disabilities, their families and caretakers, and community members. We are a cross-disability, cross-lifespan, non-profit organization that operates according to a philosophy of consumer control, wherein the majority of its staff and Board are people with all types of disabilities. We adhere to the philosophy that every individual has the right, the opportunity and the choice to maximize their abilities to live as independently as possible and to participate in the community as fully as they choose. We also provide Peer Support, Information and Referral, Individual and Systems Advocacy, Independent Living Skills Training and other community supports and services as needed by the locality including Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, durable medical goods re-use program, health and exercise program, and youth services. Help us provide support and information to people with all types of disabilities.

409 Progress St.

Fredericksburg, VA 22401


  • $65 funds 1 hour of individual independent living training for 1 individual

  • $650 funds 1 hour of independent living group training for 10 people