Culpeper Baptist Child Development Center, Inc.

Culpeper Baptist Child Development Center, Inc.

A quality, Christian, non-denominational childcare center
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Culpeper Baptist Child Development Center, Inc.

We are here as Christian leaders to help each child grow to his or her full potential spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially while encouraging each child to attain this in a loving, fun, Christian atmosphere.

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We operate as a non-denominational full day program and offer both preschool and daycare services. Our program operates 12 months of the year and works to ensure all children are engaged with very meaningful activities. We serve children who receive childcare subsidy and those who may be in need in the community. Our true desire is to make a positive impact on all community children.

Two years ago, we hired a consultant to research and determine the needs of our community. This report conclusively showed that quality infant and toddler care, services to low income families, and after-school enrichment programs were under-served in this area. In response, we began several new initiatives - all in hopes of continuing to grow our healthy impact on local families and children. The way that we can support families requires a substantial renovation to our existing building. With this renovation will come additional space for 30 children ages 6 weeks - 2 1/2 years of age, additional preschool spaces (including a media center), a more engaging elementary space and a more secure facility. We believe this project is necessary in order to be able to continue embarking on our community mission. We hope to find supporters willing to assist us with this expansion project.

318 S. West Street

Culpeper, VA 22701