Come As You Are, Inc.

Come As You Are, Inc.


Providing resources for those struggling with addiction

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Come As You Are, Inc.

The purpose of the Come As You Are Coalition is to dedicate itself to addressing the unique problems that affect individuals in Culpeper and Fauquier Counties at risk of substance use disorders by supporting coalitions and organizations that work with those affected and by maximizing support for prevention services and programs.

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Welcome to Come As You Are. When we were struggling with our son Bobby’s addiction we felt lost and alone. We were overwhelmed with information on the internet. We wished someone could have handed us a list of reputable treatment facilities and available resources. The stigma of drug addiction made it difficult to talk openly with friends and even family. This Coalition provides general informational resources as well as specific recovery options and sites. In addition to supporting local prevention programs, Come As You Are is a safe and non-judgmental community to connect you to available resources. We ask that anyone impacted by this horrible disease join us. Family members, addicts who are struggling, addicts in recovery, and persons who have lost loved ones to this. Reach out. We are here.

P O Box 3457

Warrenton, VA 20188