Brandy Station Foundation

County of Origin: Culpeper


April 1863. The Chancellorsville Campaign. Admist a rain and hail storm, resistance from Confederate cavalrymen in Fitzhugh Lee’s brigade forced the Federal cavalry to withdraw. One of Lee’s men scrawled a brief account of the action on the wall of a house by stating the “Yanks caught hell.”

About one hundred and forty years later, the Brandy Station Foundation began its restoration of the building, later named “The Graffiti House.” The Foundation was also instrumental in the preservation of many tracts of land related to the Battle of Brandy Station and the Battle at Kelly’s Ford. Help the Brandy Station Foundation ensure the history and heritage of the area is not “paved over” in the rush to progress and development.





Address: P.O. Box 165

Brandy Station, VA 22714

Phone Number: 540-547-4106