Blue Ridge Chorale of Culpeper, Virginia, Inc.

County of Origin: Culpeper

It was about nine o’clock at night. We had just performed “Songs of the Mountains,” and the word went around that we needed to fold tables, stack chairs, and take down the risers. Some of our volunteers had been working since early afternoon, but we got it done. We thought we were finished, but then our Concert Master reminded us that there were still dishes to be washed.

This was a dinner concert, and we saved some money by using the dinnerware belonging to the site. A general groan went up. “Why didn’t we use the caterer’s dishes?” someone asked. But, we all knew the answer. The income from tickets would not cover the costs of putting on the concert, and the Chorale needed to save money.

So, a band of eight volunteers stayed on to tackle the mountain of plates, glasses and flatware required for serving about 100 people. Each of us was tired and not looking forward to the job. But, aprons, gloves, soapy water and a production line were soon assembled and the work began.

Then Cathy ter Weele started singing a song from the program, and we all joined in. How can you not sing, at any time? The pile of dirty dishes dwindled and the shelves were soon filled with sparkling clean dinnerware. The singing kept up as we swept then mopped our way out the door. Everyone smiled and said “goodnight.” It was ten thirty by then, and many of us had an hour of driving ahead of us. But, we were smiling. What a great time that was, dishes and all!
— Carolyn Osborne (Chorale News, Spring 2017)
Taken by Blessed Moments Photography

Taken by Blessed Moments Photography

For children and young adults who seek musical enrichment outside of school, and for adults who seek opportunities to practice their musical talent in a supportive environment, the Blue Ridge Chorale of Culpeper, Virginia fosters a diverse community of committed musicians. Through two concerts each year, the Chorale serves Central Virginia by bringing cultural and musical enrichment to its members and the community. Members sing selections from a wide variety of genres and difficulties, challenging musicians to improve and hone their expertise. The Chorale has served Central Virginia for more than fifty years; your support ensures that it may continue to do so.



  • $35 funds membership fees for one adult

  • $40 funds a 5K Shamrock Shuffle for one adult



Address: P.O. Box 1871, Culpeper, VA 22701

Phone Number: 540-219-8837